Jobs, Events & Blogs Module

Job module could be a light-weight job listing plugin for adding job-board like practicality to your Business Directory. This module can permit business homeowners to feature vacancies as structured content. guests will search from the frontend and apply for the duty.

Add and manage job listings employing a easy kind.
Searchable & filterable job listings.
Frontend forms for registered users to submit & manage job listings.
Each ljob can mechanically be tied to the business data email address so job seekers will apply to the roles.
Allow logged in employers to look at, edit, mark stuffed, or delete their active job listings.
Blog Module

Blog module can permit business owner to simply produce and manage a diary to a page to supply timely updates and helpful data to guests. The module consists of 3 separate modules:

Manage diary within the backend/Admin.
Display and Search diary within the frontend.
Event Module

The Event module permits users and admin to Add/Edit/View events to Businbook business directory web site. this is often a straightforward module to stay track of events and show them to users in varied displays. Events module makes it straightforward to socialize real-life & virtual events, encouraging guests to affix the speech communication the word.

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